Hydro Jetters Clear Blocked Drains Fast in Melbourne
Posted on: July 13, 2016, by : melbourne

Hydro Jetters Clear Blocked Drains Fast If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to clear blocked drains and sewer pipes, then hydro jetting is just the perfect solution! Hydro jetting is the newest technology in clearing blocked drains and sewer lines with the use of streams of high-pressure water. It has a vibrating rotary nozzle which can cut through and flush away any debris that is blocking your drain. Hydro jetting- clearing blocked drains Hydro jetting- clearing blocked drains Before hydro jetting, blocked drains were cleared with the use of a tool called electric eel, also known as drain snake or plumber’s snake. It uses a long flexible tube or cable that spins around inside the pipes and rubs against the walls of the pipe. Because the cable is made from abrasive materials, using it in the same place repeatedly or for long periods of time can cause a cut or crack in the pipe. It can even create a hole through it, making the problem worse and more expensive. And because there are places that the electric eel cannot reach, it often leaves behind roots and debris which can easily lead to a future blockage. With hydro jetters, you don’t have to worry about damaging your pipe. In fact, the high pressure water jetter can make the pipe look almost as good as new. Hydro jetters can also reach areas where the electric eel can’t which leaves all corners, twists or turns cleared of tree roots and all kinds of debris. There is no scouring and left over debris, just clean and block-free drains. The vibrating rotary nozzle is also designed to clean the entire diameter of a pipe and can clear up to 60 meters of drain in just one set up point. Hydro jetting is indeed the fastest and most effective way to clear blocked drains in Melbourne. Always remember that cleaning pipes and drains regularly can keep your plumbing system from unexpected repairs and saves you a lot of money. But if you are in need of some serious drain-clearing power, our expert hydro jetter technicians are always ready to help.

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