Preventing Your House hold Drainpipes From Getting Blocked
Posted on: July 13, 2016, by : melbourne

In plumbing, some of the factors that differentiate one house from the other are: the structure of the house, the pipes’ angle to the main line, the type of pipes used, the type of soil, and the trees surrounding the house. All of these can contribute to blocked drains. While you won’t be able to do anything about these elements, there are some simple actions you can take to prevent your drainpipes from getting blocked.

Perhaps the easiest way to prevent slow or clogged drains is to be mindful of what you put in your drains. Although your garbage disposal claims it can grind anything, it does not mean you can throw everything and anything down your sink.

clearing blocked drains

Keep in mind the four toughest drainpipe menaces: hair, soap scum, cooking grease, and coffee grounds. As much as possible, do not let any of these go down your drains.

To minimize the problems with soap scum and hair, cover the opening of your drain with a drain-grate or a screen. Visit your local plumbing supplies store for an appropriate fixture. To better describe your needs, bring with you a picture of your drain system.

Remove the strainer every couple of months and take out debris using a bent wire and then rinse the drain with warm water. Even if you aren’t having problems with your bathtub or shower drains yet, you will be surprised at how much hair and soap scum you could pull out of your drain. This keeps future problems with clogged drains to a minimum.

Never wash cooking grease down your kitchen sink because when it solidifies, your pipes will be clogged. So to keep your drains from clogging, pour left over cooking grease into any old can, bottle, or cardboard or plastic container, and then dispose of it properly. Also, leftover coffee grounds should be thrown away in the garbage. You can also add them to the compost for your plants.

Chemical drain cleaners surely are intended to fix blocked drains. But when they are overused they can do more harm than good. Many of these products are very harsh and overtime they can corrode metal pipes such as brass, steel, or iron. So use them sparingly.

Tree roots can also cause major plumbing problems. It is best to keep trees, especially the large ones away from your home. But this does not help in some cases, as other people still get their drains blocked due to tree roots a couple of blocks away from their houses. To prevent clogs, call a professional plumber to auger and flush out all tree roots.

Cleaning blocked drains can be disgusting. So, rather than working on a huge, hairy, moldy, and icky mess every few years, consider using these tips to prevent your drainpipes from getting blocked.

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