Repairing a Leaking Tap
Posted on: July 13, 2016, by : melbourne

As the primary point for dispensing water, faucets are very important fixtures in any household because these are responsible for dispensing water. Thus, as a homeowner, you must make sure that your water valves are working properly all the time. If you’ve got a leaking tap or broken down faucet, you may need to know some do-it-yourself techniques to fix it.

A leaking tap is a common problem that homeowners often ignore. It may just be tiny droplets, but these add up to considerable water wastage. In short, your money simply goes down the drain. How do you resolve this issue? It’s simple: most leaks are caused by an uncontrolled discharge of water from the reservoir. An impermeable seal prevents water from flowing if the faucet is shut off. On the other hand, a busted washer will lead to leak problems. If this latter is your entire problem so all you have to do is replace this cheap tiny ring.

It is essential to shut down the water supply before you undertake any repair job. Take off the nut from the spigot. Make sure to hold the valve tightly or you may end up with a leaking pipe or broken basin. Replace the old or worn-out washer.Tighten the nut after you have replaced the washer. Change the water seat if the leak persist. Faucets made of brass material can become porous due to age. In this case, you will also need to change the entire tap.

Decorative accessories can be detached easily from handle knobs at the point where they connect it to the stem of the valve. Unfasten the screw as well. Put some all-purpose oil to help you loosen the screw. Use the wrench for twisting the packing nut. This is a small piece of hardware with screw thread. Examine the O-ring or mechanical gasket which can be found inside the spigot seat. Check the seat carefully to determine if this is the flat type or cone-shaped model. This ring is available in nearly all local hardware outlets.

Reassemble everything. See to it that you have reconnected all detached parts firmly and correctly. Turn the knob softly to test the water flow and see if you have fixed the leak. The culprit may be a deteriorated faucet in case the faucet continues to trickle after all the things you have done. Make sure to remedy and clean the tap seat. Otherwise, it can bring about seepage close to the faucet. Some other potential problems that require the attention of a plumber are loose components and broken plumbing.

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