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Fast and efficient
Drain Cleaning Services

Our team of plumbers are all certified and have many years of experience in both residential and commercial plumbing jobs

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Get Fast Relief From Blocked
Drains Or Sewer Pipes

When it comes to blocked drains and sewers we understand the need for prompt, reliable and effective service. Melbourne Blocked Drains clear blocked drains and blocked sewers all day, every day. It’s what we do.  So when you book us you have peace of mind knowing you are getting the specialists in the fastest & most efficient service team in Melbourne.

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Our Guarantee

We are homeowners ourselves and we treat your home as if it were our own.

Our policies are:

  • No work boots in the house

  • Protect work areas to prevent damages

  • Clean up after ourselves

Travel time is included in our rates.
We accept cash or credit card payments.

We have Public Liability Insurance up to $20 million and are a member of the Master Plumbers Association. 



We Specialize in Residential & Commercial Projects


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We find and fix problems that general plumbers can’t

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Highly experienced clearing & relining drains

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Our InDrain camera shows you the problem

Our staff are registered plumbers highly trained in drain clearing techniques

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Blocked drains and sewers cleared fast

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Tree roots and other blockages removed

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Melbourne Blocked Drain Plumbers – For all your Blockage Needs

Blocked drains are a nuisance, but we at Melbourne Blocked Drains can clear them right up. We can help you with everything from blocked bathroom and kitchen sinks to blocked sewers and stormwater. Our commitment to our customers is evident in the work we do. We focus on providing long term solutions by using the latest technology and equipment to unblock drains. We use CCTV inspection cameras to locate blocked drains, which helps us learn why the drainage clogged in the first place and how to prevent a similar problem in the future. Using jetting plumbing techniques with high-pressure water jet equipment, we ensure a focused solution that will not damage the surrounding drainpipes.


We provide the entire Melbourne metro area with the best services and can clear blocked drains of any kind. Our team of blocked drain plumbers are highly skilled and trained in the latest technologies. They work quickly and efficiently to reduce costs for your peace of mind. Each employee has level 2 first aid training as well as industry induction cards and special high-risk licences to unblock drains. We do this to ensure the safety of our clients and the public. They are skilled at blocked drains repairs, so rest assured you’re getting the best services.


Our Blocked Drain Services

At Melbourne Blocked Drains, there are no blockages too difficult for us to handle. Unclogging a drain is what we do best. We service all industries from private homes to corporate offices. Our blocked drain plumbers are ready to help with:


Blocked Sewer Lines

A blocked sewer line can cause major problems for any household, business, factory, hospital and so on. The sewer drain is responsible for carrying wastewater from these buildings to the pipes and then treatment facilities. There are several reasons blocked drains happen such as grease build-up, hair, toilet paper, and sometimes tree root invasions to name a few. You know you have a blocked sewer drain by a characteristic gurgling sound. That sound usually happens when air trapped in the blocked drain shifts because of water trying to flow through it. We unblock sewers using our specialised technology and drain jetting equipment.

Blocked Toilets and Blocked Shower Drain

A blocked toilet or blocked shower drain can happen when there is a build-up of unwanted waste. You know have a blocked toilet when just a few sheets of toilet paper won’t go down or water doesn’t flow back into the bowl after a flush. Blocked shower drains leave you standing in a pool of water that won’t flow away. When blocked drains are left uncleared, the water can spill out into the building or outside areas, which can cause a lot of structural damage. Toilet unblocking isn’t easy but living with all the consequences like the terrible smell or unusable facilities is much worse. Likewise, to unblock shower drains requires some effort. With our electric drain and drain jetting equipment, we can remove the toughest blockages and perform more detailed clearing work. At Melbourne Blocked Drains, we will clear your blocked toilet and shower in the most cost effective and efficient way. Let us worry about toilet unblocking and

Blocked Bathroom Sink and Blocked Kitchen Sink

A blocked bathroom sink is often caused by a build up of grease from toothpaste and washing your hands. A blocked kitchen sink gets that way from washing greasy dishes. Melbourne Blocked Drains has the skill to unblock bathroom sinks with specialised equipment that locate the source of the blockage and remove it without causing damage to the pipes. We unblock kitchen sinks using non-invasive methods.

Blocked Stormwater

Your stormwater is responsible for carrying rainwater away from your house and other large buildings like hospitals, factories, office blocks and so on. It’s very obvious when a stormwater is blocked because the rainwater pools over the grate and doesn’t drain. Sometimes water comes out the bottom of your drainpipe, which is another clear sign you have a blocked stormwater. If left in such a way, you will end up with flooding issues that can cause problems not just for your house but the whole neighbourhood. Melbourne Blocked Drains has extensive experience with such problems. We know that finding the source of the blocked stormwater is the first and most crucial step in unblocking the drain not only to help us clear the problem away but also to prevent blockages in the future. CCTV images taken inside the drain help us find the location of the blockage and learn how much damage has been caused. This is done using a sonder, which makes locating blockages easier. We then use high powered water jetting equipment to perform a stormwater drain cleaning. After that, we use the latest pipe relining technology to repair any damages that may have been caused by the blockages. The final step is to install an epoxy-impregnated felt liner, which is inflated with air or hot water. The bladder is removed, and you’re left with a hassle-free solution that isn’t as invasive as previous excavation methods.

Pipe Blockage

Sometimes the roots of a tree can grow over your pipes and cause a blockage. A pipe blockage leads to blocked drains but may also damage your pipes. Our team of blocked drain plumbers are skilled at removing all obstructions and are trained in blocked drain repair. If a tree is causing the invasion, we can perform root cutting in the pipes up to 600mm in diameter. This will effectively remove the pipe blockage and unblock drains connected to them.

Contact Melbourne Blocked Drains Today

Good plumbing isn’t hard to find when you hire Melbourne Blocked Drains. We are ready to help you with all your blocked drain needs. You know dealing with a blocked drain is unpleasant and can cause great issues like flooding, so let us help you unblock your drains. From blocked stormwater to blocked sewer drains we will get the job done. We have a dedicated team of blocked drain plumbers who use the latest drain clearing technology and techniques to clear the toughest of blockages. Contact us today at 0425 620 535, send us an email at, or visit our website:

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