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The Benefits of Jetting Plumbing for Blocked Drains: A Guide by Melbourne Blocked Drains



As homeowners, we tend to take our plumbing systems for granted until a problem arises, such as a blocked drain. Blocked drains can cause significant inconvenience, particularly when the water backs up into sinks and tubs. In some cases, it can lead to unpleasant odors and even water damage to your property. In such cases, it is essential to act fast and call a plumbing professional to get the problem fixed. At Melbourne Blocked Drains, we offer a range of services to solve your blocked drain problems, including the latest technique in drain cleaning - jetting plumbing.

What is Jetting Plumbing?


Jetting plumbing, also known as hydro jetting, is a process of cleaning drains using high-pressure water streams. A specialized machine with a high-pressure hose and nozzle is used to blast water into the pipes, dislodging any blockages and cleaning away any debris, leaving the pipes clean and clear.

How does Jetting Plumbing Work?


The process of jetting plumbing involves a few steps. First, the plumber will inspect the pipes using a camera to identify the blockage's location and type. Once identified, the plumber will use a hydro jetting machine to direct high-pressure water streams into the pipes. The water pressure can range from 1500 to 4000 PSI, depending on the severity of the blockage. The water streams are directed at various angles to ensure that all parts of the pipes are thoroughly cleaned.

The Benefits of Jetting Plumbing for Blocked Drains


Jetting plumbing is a highly effective method of clearing blocked drains, offering several benefits, including:

1. Thorough cleaning:

Jetting plumbing is an effective way to clean your pipes thoroughly, removing any blockages and buildup that may have accumulated over time. The high-pressure water streams can also remove any grease, sludge, and debris, leaving your pipes clean and clear.

2. Environmentally friendly:

Jetting plumbing is an environmentally friendly option as it does not involve the use of harmful chemicals to clear blockages. The process uses only water, making it safe for your plumbing system and the environment.

3. Cost-effective:

Jetting plumbing is a cost-effective solution for clearing blocked drains. While traditional methods of drain cleaning involve costly and time-consuming excavation work, jetting plumbing can solve the problem quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

4. Preventive maintenance:

Jetting plumbing is not only effective in clearing blocked drains but also in preventing them from occurring. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your pipes with jetting plumbing can prevent blockages from forming and keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

When to Call a Professional Plumber for Jetting Plumbing


While jetting plumbing is an effective method of clearing blocked drains, it is not a DIY job. It is essential to call a professional plumber, such as Melbourne Blocked Drains, to carry out the process safely and effectively.

You should call a professional plumber for jetting plumbing if:

  • You have a recurring blocked drain

  • Your drain is slow to empty

  • You can smell unpleasant odors coming from your drain

  • You notice water backing up into sinks, tubs, or toilets

Find out more and call us today.

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