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Blocked Stormwater



Cheltenham blocked stormwater

Blocked Stormwater | Unblock Sewer | Pipe Blockage


A sure fire sign of a blocked stormwater drain is when the surface grates of your drain are not clearing when it rains.  Or maybe water is coming out of the bottom of your downpipes.  Issues like this should be taken care of promptly as you may run in to more costly flooding issues later down the track


Fixing a blocked drain first requires finding the blockage.  If you’ve ever had to deal with a blocked drain, toilet or sink, you know there’s nothing quite as bad. Added pressure on blockages can result in foul and pervasive smells throughout your home. Not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to use one of the home’s most important facilities.  

Our equipment uses a combination of in-drain camera diagnosis and high-pressure water jet equipment.  The high tech camera allows us to receive clear cctv images from inside your drain to determine the extent of damages or location of blockages.  The camera is also equipped with a built in sonde which sends a signal back to our locating equipment so we can easily locate and mark where the blockage or damage is.  Once this is established we use either our high powered water jetting equipment to clear the blockage, or offer the latest technology in pipe relining to repair any damages.  We are able to install an epoxy-impregnated felt liner into the pipe, and then inflate it with air or hot water until cured and then remove the bladder.  This gives you a fuss free solution without the invasive and outdated open cut trench excavation methods.  

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