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Need a Blocked Drain Specialist Plumbers in Brighton? Call Melbourne Blocked Drains


Having a blocked drain is always a pain. Sometimes you know exactly what caused it because you saw your little munchkin pushing that toy down the kitchen sink. Other times, you have no idea why you have blocked drains. At Melbourne Blocked Drains, we have over 20 years of experience helping people unblock those pesky clogs no matter the cause. If you live in Brighton and have a plumbing problem, then we can help you. We can clear everything from a blocked stormwater drain to a blocked bathroom sink.

What We Do at Melbourne Blocked Drains

We know that having strangers in your home can feel uncomfortable, but not with Melbourne Blocked Drains. We understand the value of a home as we are homeowners ourselves. We respect every space we work in whether it’s a residential home or factory. Our goal is to reduce your frustration by efficiently clearing and repairing any blocked drains. If you have a blockage in the Brighton area, then we are the blocked drain specialists you should call. Our impressive track record boasts over 200 completed projects and 350 unblocked drains. You’ll find our base in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. We service the Melbourne Metro Area, including Outer Metro, Bayside, and Mornington Peninsula. We can help with unclogging a drain be it in a residential area or commercial building like a factory or hospital.


We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with long-term, cost-effective solutions using the best equipment and latest technology. We use CCTV inspection cameras to carefully assess the blockage and find the best way to fix it. We have electric drain clearing machines that help us cut through clogs like tree roots. Our high-pressure drain jetting equipment helps us blast through blockages, effectively eliminating any damage that could happen while trying to unblock your drain. No matter the source of the blockage we will locate it and help you understand how to prevent such a blockage from happening again.


We ensure every blocked drain plumber that works at Melbourne Blocked Drains has the latest plumbing knowledge and is well-versed in the best techniques to use when clearing blocked drains. We aim to provide the best, blocked drain services in Brighton and Melbourne. Our entire team undergoes rigorous training to learn how to work in small, confined spaces and super high spots. They all have industry induction cards and level 2 first aid training. We also ensure our key plumbers have high-risk and plant licenses to ensure we offer the highest quality services. Our proven track record demonstrates the consistent quality of our work.

The Standards We Live By at Melbourne Blocked Drains


Whether you have a blocked shower drain or a blocked toilet drain, we can help clear away any blockages. Melbourne Blocked Drains can help you with any plumbing problems in Brighton. We treat your homes like we would our own and follow a few core principles to ensure you receive the best unblocking services.

  • Our plumbers don’t wear their work boots indoors.

  • We provide adequate protection to all areas we work in to prevent damage.

  • We leave everything the same way it was before we arrived.

  • Our skilled team cleans up any mess they make before leaving your home.


Our rates include travel time so that you don’t have to stress about hidden costs. We accept cash or credit card to make the payment process simple and efficient. We have a $20 million Public Liability Insurance cover. As members of the Master Plumbers Association, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the blocked drain industry to ensure we always offer the best plumbing services in Melbourne.

Melbourne Blocked Drains - The Stellar Services We Offer

We specialise in blocked drains. We can clear any blocked drain no matter what is causing the problem. Our jetting plumbing and other drain clearing equipment help us with unclogging a drain. The main services that we offer include the following listed below.

Blocked Drain Repair

Our blocked drain experts can clear anything from a blocked kitchen sink to a blocked toilet drain. Melbourne Blocked Drains are the plumbers you should call if you live in Brighton and need help fast. Australia uses two types of drainage systems - sewer drains and stormwater drains. The sewer line carries all waster products out of your home. The stormwater drain helps prevent floods by caring rainwater away during storms. The main sources for many blockages include:

  • Grease build-up

  • Hair

  • Soap and cosmetics

  • Toilet paper

  • Tree roots and other natural waste products

  • Collapsed or damaged pipes

  • Sanitary items

  • Solid objects like toys

  • Baby wipes

  • Laundry detergent and material


Our In Drain Cameras help us locate the source of your problem so that we can better understand how to clear it. We can also offer you insight into what caused the problem in the first place to help you prevent such a problem from happening again. We restore the flow of water throughout your home by carefully analyzing the blockage and making the necessary repairs. We can clear any pipe blockages that occur in residential areas, offices, or factories.

Unblock Sewer

At Melbourne Blocked Drains, our plumbers have expert knowledge and experience with clearing blocked sewer lines. You can tell if you have a blockage in a few ways. The first is if you hear gurgling sounds coming from anywhere in the drains be it the toilet or bathroom sink. The second sign of a blocked sewer is if the toilet struggles to wash away small pieces of toilet paper or doesn’t refill after you flush it. We usually use jetting plumbing to remove all clogs in your dewar drain.

Unblock Stormwater Drain

You can clearly see when you have a blocked stormwater drain as the rainwater won’t flow down but will sit on top of the grate. This can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because of fallen plant material, other times there is a blockage deep within the pipes. Our cameras help us find the cause so that we can provide efficient stormwater drain cleaning services. We have tools to help us slice through tree roots if we notice this is the source of the obstruction. Our equipment helps us cut through without causing any damage to your pipes.


Call Melbourne Blocked Drains to Help You

Why choose Melbourne Blocked drains? We are the leading experts on blocked drain repair. We can help you clear any blockage using our jetting plumbing techniques. We also proudly support Victorian charities as we’re passionate about serving our community. Visit, call us on 0425 620 535 or drop us an email at You can also complete this contact form. One of our incredible staff will get in touch and be happy to assist with any queries. Avoid all the hassle, and let us unblock your drain for you.


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