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Plumbers Mentone: Four Common Reasons For Blocked Drains

Blocked toilet drains are a household plumbing issue caused by debris or household waste build-ups. Albeit blocked pipes and clogged drains might start as minor issues, they can rapidly develop into something more genuine. 


Assuming left untreated, a clogged drain can bring about a water release, consumption, slow water drainage, flooding, and even burst water pipes. Fortunately, Plumbers Mentone can clear clogged drains at home whenever trapped in the beginning phases. 


More genuine drain blockages, notwithstanding, will require the consideration of an expert handyman. If you disapprove of clogged drains and blocked pipes and wonder how to forestall future repeats, view the accompanying rundown of typical reasons for drain and line blockage.

When it comes to fixing a blocked drain, it's first required to find the blockage. If you've ever had to deal with a blocked drain, toilet, or sink, you know that there's nothing that quite compares to it. Adding pressure on the blockages can result in terrible smells throughout your home. This is not to mention the inconvenience of not using one of the home's most important facilities.  

 1. Hair

Human and animal hair is one of the most well-known reasons for drain blockages in Australian homes. Hair regularly obstructs restroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, and laundry wash boxes. Hair is an especially conspicuous reason for drain issues because of its capacity to mess up and stick to different kinds of debris, similar to soap, oil, and dirt. 


An ideal method for forestalling hair blockages in your drains is to guarantee that each of your gutters is covered with guards and to ensure they are cleaned regularly.

2. Bathroom Tissue Build-up

Toilet paper build-up is one more prevalent reason for clogged drains. When utilizing specific measures of tissue, you shouldn't dislike drain blockage. It's ideal to use little lots of paper over various flushes than to use a huge sum in one go. 


When utilized in abundance, bathroom tissue can cause obstructions and keep your restroom from flushing appropriately. A bathroom tissue blockage can, by and large, be fixed by utilizing an unclogger, latrine drill, or drain cleaner. 


These home fixes are conceivable, assuming water goes through your latrine when flushed. Assuming that your toilet fills without emptying, in any case, you should call a licensed handyman to fix the more severe blockage.

3. Food Waste

Food waste is a common aftereffect of daily kitchen exercises, yet genuine blockages can follow on the off chance that it ends up in the drain of your kitchen sink. Regardless of whether your kitchen sink is worked with waste disposal, you should never wash food waste down the drain. Food products that don't separate, for example, coffee beans and tea leaves, are particularly hazardous for your gutters.


Manure cans are an extraordinary elective method for disposing of food scraps. You can clear minor kitchen sink blockages with baking soda and vinegar.

4. Dirt, Leaves, and Plant Residue

A typical reason for outside drain blockages is a build-up of dirt, leaves, and plants. The ideal method for forestalling this issue is to keep your drain openings clear of debris and cover them with barbecues. You can clear a shallow drain blockage of this sort at home, yet deeper blockages will need the support of an expert.

Wrapping Things Up

Trust Melbourne Blocked Drains with Your Drainage System in Mentone

Melbourne Blocked Drains can help you with any blocked drain repairs that you need if you live in Mentone or the greater Melbourne area. From a blocked sewer to a blocked sink, we can get rid of any blockage. We also perform stormwater drain cleaning. We use high-pressure water jetting and other drain clearing tools depending on the issue. Our highly skilled team of plumbers has completed over 200 jobs and helped clear over 350 drains. Visit our website, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to helping you unblock your drains.

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