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Blocked Drain Repair | Unclogging a Drain | Clear Blocked Drain

There are two types of drains in Australia which need cleaning. One is the sewer drain that carries wastewater from your house to the sewer pipes and on to the wastewater treatment facility. The second is the storm water drain which carries clean rainwater away from your home to the local waterways.

Blockages preventing the flow of water can be caused by a number of things within the pipeline :

  • Build-up of grease

  • Hair and other bathroom build-ups such as soap

  • Toilet paper

  • Tree root invasions, dirt and garden waste

  • Collapsed or damaged pipes

  • Sanitary napkins

  • Solid objects

  • Baby wipes

  • Laundry detergent and material from clothes

When such blockages occur, you will usually find water pooling within basins or showers. You may also find water comes back out through your drain, find your drains begin to smell or you may hear gurgling noises within your pipes.

Plumbing Cheltenham

Our range of services includes:

  • Clearing of blocked sewer & stormwater drains for homes, businesses, factories, hospitals, etc

  • Clearing blocked drains of tree roots, silt, debris, fat residue, all types of blockages

  • Electric Drain clearing machines for cutting through the toughest blockages

  • High pressure, water-jet clearing equipment for more detailed clearing work

  • Root cutting in pipes up to 600mm in diameter

  • In Drain Cameras to diagnose and assess the condition of pipes, drains, junctions and joints

  • Drain and pipe locating equipment to find the layout of drains and assist with clearing

  • Drilling equipment to remove concrete, debris from drains etc.

  • Wetvacs, closet augers and hand spinners


When this happens, don’t despair, contact Melbourne Blocked Drains immediately.

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